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By Kilian

Forbidden Games - Bản hộp giấy

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Kilian Hennessy's Inspiration: Forbidden Games embraces the temptation that leads to wild abandon. The dark, addictive nectar of fruits mesmerizes, teasing and seducing the senses.

Fragrance story: Forbidden Games is a tempting honey-drizzled peach sprinkled with cinnamon bark from Laos, that begs to be bitten. An irresistible floral nectar heart, comprised of Bulgarian rose orpur, geranium bourbon and midnight jasmine, is contained in a confection of sinfully delicious Madagascar vanilla, Laotian honey and spellbinding resinous oil of opoponax.

Key notes: Orange Blossom, Osmanthus, Tuberose

Olfactive Family: Narcotics - From rose to tuberose, from orange blossom to gardenia… Kilian flowers are composed like a narcotic dependence.

Perfumer: Calice Becker

  • Tầng hương đầu: Quả đào, Quả táo, Quả mận, Quế
  • Tầng hương giữa: Hoa hồng, Hoa nhài, Hoa phong lữ
  • Tầng hương cuối: Mật ong, Vani, Nhựa hương Opoponax
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Forbidden Games - Bản hộp giấy

Forbidden Games - Bản hộp giấy


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 Forbidden Games - Bản hộp giấy